Welcome to CSMAKE

We are committed to providing software technology services and development for small and medium sized scientific and technological enterprises. Through the CSMAKE technology to achieve the traditional industry of the Internet, we are good at WCBS (Wechat-Client-Browser-Server) software architecture design.

CSMAKE technology

CSMAKE(cloud service make) is a series of tool chain. You can compile the stand-alone version of the Java library to support the server and client code. The code can be run on the Tomcat server, GlussFish server, and provides Java, C# versions for other client or server calls, and provides for JavaScript browser and WeChat applet calls. Therefore, the programmer can focus only on business, without distraction on the development of the interface. The Java library calls and other interface calls entirely consistent. The API level of the call, the interface developers can directly reference the original Java library document.